ACE CAMPS INC. organizes travel and learn vacations globally that support people in personal growth, creativity and skill obtainment. We are passionate about what we are contributing and every employee in the company must have exceptional initiative, integrity, accuracy, accountability, dependability, responsiveness, analytical ability and honour confidentiality.  
We are in the business where we encourage adventure and learning experiences and our employees are energetic, competent and have a passion for learning, cultures and travel.  We are looking for enthusiastic people with great attitude and excellent communication skills. You will also need to sell yourself to us.


Current Opportunities ~ click on the position below to see if you qualify

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How To Apply

Click on the opportunity above that you are apply for to find out more information about the position.

Please fill out the application below indicating your skills + experience, your knowledge of Ace Camps and other information we need to know when considering our hires.

If your application is under consideration, you will then be sent an email asking for further information.

Tips For Applying ~

In your application, we strongly encourage you to consider the following tips:

Only apply for one position at a time; you do not need to send in multiple application forms.

Telling us you "love to travel" is not a skill. (It's awesome that you have an interest in traveling, but doesn't display experience.

Show attention to detail and check for spelling and grammatical errors. 

Demonstrate proper use of the English language
Show an understanding of the importance of sales and service
We look for honesty in your answers: we require proof of academic achievements and qualifications
We require business references and will perform at least two reference checks before offering a position

Good luck and we look forward to receiving your application.