Each year we will endeavour to give back.  In 2013 the Ace Camp participants learned quilting skills from Maura Grace Ambrose of Folk Fibers.  Everyone at the camp participated in the making of a large quilt that was auctioned off for charity.  Our charity of choice in 2013 was The Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, USA.

A big thank you to Tara, Astrid, Rachel, Laurie, Rita, Amy, Sarah, Greta, Alice, Kristen, Olivia, Cathlin, Laura, Maura + Chap and to Mary + Leanna for helping to organize.

Thanks to you - Lorien, Finley, LeighAnn, Salvador, Jaxon, Autumn and Jacob are all going to camp this summer!

They will learn how to make furniture, observational drawing, crafting with wool, fabric + clay, kinetic sculptures and the nature of art.

Making the quilt.  Have a look.