Camilla Engman + Ana Ventura |  Illustration in Portugal |  Lisbon, Portugal  |  2014

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Ace Camps Explore is Nashville bound.  If you have wanted to go there and check it out this is an opportunity for you to hang with some pretty cool people, check out the shops, eat at some of the coolest spots in the city, get your jeans perfectly sized at Imogene + Willie and see some music.

As the capital of Tennessee – and arguably the most progressive/hip city in the Volunteer State – Nashville’s nightlife, culinary and arts scene has blown up in the last year or so. Music City is hot right now. Maybe it’s the crooning country-strong cowboys, or perhaps the wealth of affordable dining and lodging options—or it could be that Broadway, the city’s main drag, has shed its seedy past and now feels a bit like an Old West town on a permanent vacation. 

Call your best girlfriends, throw a few things in a bag, and treat yourself to a well-deserved getaway.


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This Ace Camp Explore includes:

  • 4 nights*  (based on shared occupancy)
  • 4 breakfasts
  • 3 lunches
  • 3 dinners
  • Discounts on shopping

*Rooms are shared and due to the cost of accommodations in Iceland there is no opportunity for single rooms.

This Ace Camp Explore is limited to 10 people.

Fee:  $895.00 - airfare is not included

Deposit:  $495.00 - due when place in workshop is confirmed 

Final Payment of $400.00 due July 15, 2014


Each camper receives a copy of Wildsam's Field Guide:  NASHVILLE

Each camper receives a copy of Wildsam's Field Guide:  NASHVILLE

THE FIELD TRIPS GUIDE TO LISBON is a unique travel guide inspired by six months spent living in the city. Fully illustrated, it is packed with tips on getting around, advice on what to see and do, as well as information about the city's food, history and landmarks. It's a concise guide containing everything you need for a city adventure!

- - -

TILEWATCH is a tile-spotting trail through the streets of Lisbon. This A3 map which folds to A5 takes you on a route through two neighbourhoods in the city highlighting patterned tiles along the way.

Tilewatch features a small locator map and plotted paper on the back of the main map.

Click above to register for this Ace Camp Explore.

Click above to register for this Ace Camp Explore.

1/ Imogene + Willie   |   2/Nashville    |  3/Hatch Print Shop

1/ Imogene + Willie   |   2/Nashville    |  3/Hatch Print Shop


ACE CAMPS  will email you when it is time to make your travel arrangements. This email will always be sent 60 days or more before your trip departs unless you book within 60 prior to the camp. 

Nashville International Airport (BNA) to your hotel - take an airport shuttle.


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The ACE CAMP TOUR LEADER is a part of your group and are there to look out for your safety, to help resolve issues, and to make sure you get what you want from your vacation. The Tour Leader will make sure that everyone who wants company has it, including dinners when no group meal is scheduled.

They also work with the local guides to insure the right combination of pace, information, and duration - and, well...keep the ball rolling.